In foodservice, the two biggest things customers look for in plastic bags are the quality of the bag to make sure the integrity of the food is not compromised when a customer takes away product along with the printing capabilites than can showcase the brand and really make an impression.

IPS Industries is commited to providing just that - strong, durable plastic bags that give the customer the confidence in carrying the product out the door along with bringing them in with a well printed look.

We offer a variety of bags for the foodservice industry that can be used not only in the carryout side, but the kitchen as well.

Please see below what we currently have to offer :

  • T-Shirt bags
  • Flat Bottom bags
  • Wave top
  • Soft loop
  • Rigid Handle
  • SQ3 bag
  • Portion bags
  • Bun Rack Covers
  • Storage / Chill bags
  • Can Liners