Market Innovations

On top of making traditional plastic bag styles and films that are seen throughout the market, IPS Industries is also dedicated to making sure that we continue to strive to bring new and innovative solutions to the industry.

We make sure that we take the time to listen to our customers' feedback, look for trends in the marketplace and continually push our Innovations team to come out with something new, improved and needed to help provide the best benefits possible to fit the consumers' needs.

Please ask your sales representative to learn more about the items listed below and continue to check back for more innovate ideas that we continue to bring to the marketplace !

Current innovative products we have to offer :

Patent Pending, Tamper Resistent, Tamper Evident

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TruWhite® Film
A superior masking paper alternative

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SQ³ ® Carryout Bags
A specialized true flat
bottom bag

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HandleStar™ Can Liner
An excellent can liner with handles that can offer cost savings

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