Our History

IPS Industries has been a leading global manufacturer in the packaging industry since 1985. We are a minority owned and operated corporation, headquartered in Cerritos, CA.

Our Capabilities

We offer customizable high-quality packaging solutions for grocery, retail, food service, and other industries. We pride ourselves in offering sustainable packaging solutions that challenge each process of our supply chain to be energy efficient and on top of our recycling practices. Our capabilities include blown film, thermal forming, and injection-molded products.

Our Team

We are a highly skilled organization of dedicated employees. We have a complete supply chain management team, a dedicated in-house logistics team, a well-trained distribution workforce led by experienced managers, and an accomplished inventory control group who directly manage the store supplies of many major retail chains.

Our Environment

At IPS, we know that every member of a team is invaluable when delivering a quality product. That’s why we work to maintain a great work environment for all of our team members, from our warehouse workers to our operations team. We keep our facilities safe, clean, and at the cutting-edge of the packaging industry. When you use our products, we hope that you can see and feel the difference that a satisfied and supported team can make.